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Healthy Eating Recommendations for Seniors

Healthy Eating Recommendations for Seniors

As we get older, a healthy diet becomes a priority. For instance, seniors have a lot of food restrictions because their health becomes more sensitive to the food they eat. A little indulgence of salty and fatty food may increase their cholesterol levels and hurt their joints.

As a concerned provider of health care services in Maumee, Ohio, we share the diet recommendations found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal. However, if they are not available, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can be an alternative. But avoid processed and sweetened fruits.
  • Vary protein choices.
    Protein does not have to mean meat. Try changing it up with fish, peas, and beans.
  • Eat healthy carbohydrates.
    Switch up your white bread with whole-grain or whole-wheat bread, cereal, or crackers. You can also try brown rice or pasta for a little variance.
  • Prepare a full meal.
    An ideal meal comprises of the three recommendations we stated above. When we render our home health care services for seniors, we must always remember to introduce healthy and delicious meals to them.

At ABC Health Care, Inc., we prioritize the health and well-being of your senior family members. We offer quality and reliable health care staffing in Lucas County, Ohio. Feel free to visit or contact us for inquiries.

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