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Secrets to Healthy and Graceful Aging

Secrets to Healthy and Graceful Aging

Growing old does not necessarily have to mean being weak and fragile. Being sickly does not also have to be your default state just because you are now a senior. Our age hardly matters as long as we take care of our mental and physical health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As part of our health care services in Maumee, Ohio, we offer you these healthy lifestyle changes and habits that you can practice every day to age healthily and gracefully:

  • Eat more whole, organic, and fresh foods.
    Shift your diet from fatty meat and preserved foods to fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy. Also, add more fiber to your diet with whole grains. These foods help reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Brisk walking for at least 30 minutes can be your daily exercise. If your health condition allows for a more rigorous exercise regime, please consult with your doctor before starting. Our health care staffing in Lucas County, Ohio can assist you in your exercise to ensure your safety.
  • Participate in meaningful activities.
    Volunteer in your community or chosen charity. Research shows that older people who engage in such activities are happier and healthier.

As a provider of quality home health care services, ABC Health Care, Inc. promotes a healthy lifestyle and habits.

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