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Factors to Focus on to Boost Your Elderly Loved Ones’ Sleep Quality

Factors to Focus on to Boost Your Elderly Loved Ones’ Sleep Quality

Chronic sleep deprivation could result in a plethora of health conditions, including insomnia, depression, weight problems, and cardiovascular diseases. And if your elderly loved ones already have age-related illnesses, sleep deprivation could aggravate their condition. Consider availing of condition-specific health care services in Maumee, Ohio. Then, focus on improving their sleep quality by focusing on three factors – awareness, hygiene, and lifestyle.

  1. Awareness
    Educate your loved ones about the changes they’re going to experience or will face as they age. This might be about the changes in their hormones, digestive system, sleep-wake cycle, and diet requirements. Age-related physical changes might be more pronounced if they have chronic degenerative conditions. If they’re aware of these changes, they won’t be caught off guard.
  2. Room Environment and Hygiene
    Skin rashes and allergies could make falling and staying asleep difficult. So make sure to avail of home health care services that grooming, bathing, and personal hygiene support for your loved ones. Make sure their bedroom is tidy and clean. Choose sleep-inducing colors (e.g., purple, blue, green) for the curtains and linens. Lighting up scented candles could also promote good sleep.
  3. Food and Lifestyle
    Avoid serving high-glycemic meals and snacks, especially at night. Opt for sleep-inducing foods (e.g., bananas, oats, warm milk, cherries, and almond) for dinner. Schedule the physical activities in the morning or early afternoon as these could increase the energy level, making it harder to fall asleep. Most importantly, help your elderly loved ones manage, if not totally avoid, stress.

Improving their sleep quality is a great way to uphold their health, giving their body ample time to heal as they sleep. If you need expert support for further senior care options, you might like to consider the options at ABC Health Care, Inc., a provider of geriatric services and health care staffing in Lucas County, Ohio.

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