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Light Housekeeping and Its Impact on the Health of the Elderly

Light Housekeeping and Its Impact on the Health of the Elderly

With the pandemic lockdowns and their mobility restrictions, elderly people are compelled to stay at home. And you wouldn’t want them to feel uneasy inside the house. Otherwise, they’d feel left out and sad.

  • Cleanliness and Sleep Quality.
    A cluttered room isn’t conducive for sleeping. More so if the room has an unpleasant smell. But with regular home upkeep, you can get rid of the smell and clutter easily. All you need to do is contact a provider of health care staffing in Lucas County, Ohio that offers light housekeeping.
  • Disease Prevention through Regular Cleaning.
    Dirt, dust, and grime accumulate inside the house. And these elements could carry viruses and bacteria that cause health concerns, such as allergies and rashes. Cleaning and sanitizing the house regularly helps you get rid of these disease-causing elements. A reliable home health care professional can also help uphold your elderly loved one’s overall wellness.
  • Cleaning for Accident Prevention.
    Clutter and interior layout problems could also cause slip, trip, and fall injuries. To improve your home’s navigability, opt for wall-mounted storage options, instead of bulky free-standing ones. Pick up toys and foods on the floor. Cover the slippery floor tiles with the right rugs. And consider having mobility aids (e.g., handrails, grab bars).

With the impact of housekeeping on the health of the elderly, it’s not a surprise why many healthcare providers offer this service alongside other senior care options. If you’re now in search of a provider of this service, ABC Health Care, Inc. might be a good choice, considering the company’s experience in this field.

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